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This helps to be able to keep the scoring accurate as to which side actually made a point and there is less confusion for the refs to be
able to keep score from the game and keep penalties to a minimum. Although there are choices from the colors that the goalies can choose
from for the team, they are limited to the ones that they can pick from.

TThis the single most important first step in preserving democracy, our Charter, and the freedom of our Internet; otherwise, our best
ever communications tool WILL BE TURNED AGAINST US. TThis might work if we had some way of predicting the actions of politicians at
election time. ralph lauren shirt UUnfortunately, there is no law against lying your ass off to become elected and not disclosing what you are going to do
once you are elected.

anon YYou are right on target when you write: This money is then used to fund AC s lobbying efforts or for executive bonuses at AC,
etc. BBy trying to impose a blanket fee, the AC s proposed tariff is not intended to benefit the creators but the big guys at the top of
this corporation, thanks to the expected complacency from the Copyright Board.

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