Jefferson Hogue and Miss Sylvia Wayt have been married August 15 in the Texas Centennial in what was believed to have been the first television wedding imitation breitling watches . The event attracted considerable attention.

Television exhibits featured the annual Berlin and London radio shows. In England replica watch breitling , the British Broadcasting Co. has installed gear in Alexandra Palace and plans extensive use beginning in November.

Aided by a 300,000 yen subsidy from the government, Japanese scientists are developing a transmitting station which Dr. K. breitling replica eta Takayanagi, one of the leading experimenters, hopes to possess in operation this winter. Waseda University investigators are experimenting with all-natural colour.

The Don Lee television division on Sept. 1 transmitted a newsreel, the sound portion over KHJ plus the sight part through W6XAO, from the Don Lee Bldg, at 7th and Bixel Sts., to a household at 2441 W . Silver Drive, more than three miles away and behind two hills.

Members of the Institute of Radio Engineers plus the American Institute of Electrical Engineers witnessed the event.

Tv Advances ON Quite a few FRONTS (Nov, 1936)


THOUGH the outside Olympic Games experiment was a "flop" and patent litigation has slowed development, tv continues to advance on quite a few fronts.

The Don Lee Broadcasting Technique has began each day experimental broadcasting from station W6XAO in Los Angeles under path of Harry R. Lubcke. He offers plans for a residence receiver to experimenters who send a stamped envelope. The W6XAO schedule is from three to 5 and six:30 to eight:30 p. m., P. S. T.

Philo T. Farnsworth, Philadelphia television leader who explained his program in June MM, carried out a seven-mile experiment on August 11. The image and voice of Boake Carter were transmitted from the Philco laboratory towards the house of William H. Grimditch, engineer. Philco claims to possess eliminated flicker.

Radio Corporation of America engineers are transmitting in the Empire State Building to points 20 miles away in Westchester County and gave many summer demonstrations. A 10-kilowatt transmitter was used initially on June 29.

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